Thursday, December 31, 2009

Kitchen Fiddler: A Year In Pictures

It seems that just the other day I was enjoying Cranberry Ginger Pecan Muffins on January 1st, but suddenly it’s New Year’s Eve again. What happened to the time??!


As a teenager I did an extensive journal-writing session every December 31st that provided a recap of the current year, celebrating the areas in which I grew and improved, as well as ranking my top 25 favorite days of that particular year. I still do that in a way, spending time reflecting on both the major highlights and lower points of the year. It feels healthy and necessary to recognize the ways in which both the positive and the challenging experiences have stretched and deepened me in different ways. Taking time to acknowledge this always makes me excited about moving forward into a new year.


I’m still working on my own personal recap of 2009, but throughout the various highs and lows of this year, the one thing that remained consistent was that I always had a blast cooking and writing for this blog. I would like to take a moment to thank you for visiting and keeping me company here on Kitchen Fiddler this year. I’ve had such fun experimenting in my kitchen and sharing stories with you these past twelve months, and I look forward to sharing many more culinary adventures in the near future.

Many recent newspapers and magazines have been filled with photo retrospectives of the year. I’ve chosen some of my particular favorite images from my kitchen efforts this year to give you my own version of the year-end photo spread, "Kitchen Fiddler 2009: The Year In Pictures".

I wish you all a joyous and creative 2010, one that is filled with many blessings. And of course, here’s wishing you a year filled with memorable meals, especially ones that you have the pleasure of enjoying with the favorite people in your life. Happy new year!!!


Shari Hoffman said...

Fabulous!! Thanks for your wonderful blog!!

louise said...

Thanks for frequently checking in here at Kitchen Fiddler, Shari! As you know, it makes me very happy to have a way to share the culinary joy with all of my friends and fellow foodies, especially in between CocoaRoar seasons. Here's to more great kitchen adventures in 2010!

Dirk L. Archibold Chester said...

I've just found your blog, your pictures and writing are striking. I write a blog about going out to eat, but my favourite blogs to read are inevitably cookery ones. Well done.

Dirk Archibold-Chester
Food Lovers Heaven