Sunday, January 12, 2014

60 Minutes To Prepare A Party

Well, here’s a bit of news: I’m going to be on “60 Minutes” again tonight!  Break out the bubbles!

Many of you know I was featured in an Emmy-nominated profile about a very small handful of people who possess a rare ability called Highly Superior Autobiographical Memory. "Endless Memory" aired on 12/19/2010, drawing the largest audience “60 Minutes” had in years, and a follow-up story was definitely in order.

We filmed this new piece this past November, though it was a major house of cards trying to coordinate everyone’s busy schedules.  I was away playing concerts with HCJ for most of the fall, but there was a brief window when the stars aligned and I left the tour for a whirlwind 24-hour trip to be interviewed by Lesley Stahl.  I had a delightful reunion with my fellow memory wizards, Marilu Henner and Bob Petrella, and we were particularly excited to meet 10-year-old Jake, the youngest person to be discovered with HSAM.  I know he’ll amaze you.

Unlike last time when the piece aired nearly a year after the filming, I found out only three days ago that our new story is airing TONIGHT!  That doesn’t allow much time for planning a viewing party, especially when you’re a musician and your busiest performance schedule is on the weekend.  On the night that the original story debuted, my dear friend Julie threw the most beautiful party, serving favorite recipes of mine that had particular memory-significance over the years.  But tonight will be much more low-key, considering the last-minute nature of it all, and it really will be the Prepared-In-60-Minutes Party!

Last time there was poached pear cheesecake, along with all sorts of other delights.  But this time I’m keeping it very simple:

Add a glass or three of champagne and a few friends, and it’s officially a party--even if you don't have "60 Minutes" turned on!  

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos and great blog post. Congrats on the show!!